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Are you looking for a special location in Amsterdam for a business presentation, a grand staff party or an big group dinner? Then you have come to the right place! Our listed building in the heart of the park has suitable facilities for groups of any size.

You will find more information about the different halls and studios of VondelCS and Vondelpark3 below. If you have any questions or if you would like to receive a noncommittal proposal, do not hesitate to contact our Sales Team at +31 20 616 86 60 or fill out the contact form by pressing the button below.

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It is possible to organize a party or dinner for a group in the restaurant of Vondelpark3. In addition to a formal seating, the restaurant also has a more casual area with high tables and a large bar. Depending on the required facilities the dining capacity can go up to 140 people. It is also possible to the rent the restaurant exclusively. 


Two beautiful studios on either side of the central bar can be found on the first floor. Both studios are characterized by high ceilings and a classic look, combined with the endless multimedia possibilities VondelCS has to offer. For example; it is possible to make the studio completely dark at any time of the day. The two rooms are separated from the terrace by the Winter Gardens, where imposing glass doors provide access to the studios.

French Room

The French Room, located behind Studio B, is an intimate space with an impressive look. There is a direct passage to the terrace and an abundance of natural light. The French Room is ideal for gatherings of smaller groups, such as dinners, meetings and get-togethers. Additionally it is possible to open the doors to Studio B and use the French Chamber as extra space for your event.

Winter Gardens

For small parties and dinners we have the Winter Gardens, two porches on the first floor which are separated from the outside by a glass wall. Events organized here have the advantage that the beauty of the park will be involved in the event, without any influence of weather conditions. Of course, the glass doors can be opened during summer!


For get-togethers and meetings with a summery character we have the Terrace on the first floor, which is split into two parts. If it isn’t necessary that you have the Terrace exclusively for your group, no rental fee will be charged. Only a waiter, that will be at your disposal, will be charged by the hour. If your event does have an exclusive character, it’s only possible to rent the Bordes in combination with a Studio (due to the weather).

Media Bar

Between the two studios lies the Media Bar, the central area that provides access to VondelCS and Vondelpark3 through the marble staircase. The Media Bar can be used for events in conjunction with surrounding spaces.

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Do you need more information or would you like to receive a free quote? Then please contact the Event Team of Vondelpark3 by calling 020 616 86 60. It is also possible to fill in the form below and we will contact you as soon as possible.

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Prices & Information

More information about the facilities of the halls, the possibilities with regard to catering and entertainment and the corresponding prices can be found in the brochure of Vondelpark3.

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Consult the document below for directions and / or information about nearby parking.

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De studio’s van VondelCS

Vondelpark3 uses the television studios of VondelCS, the hotspot in the field of media, culture and opinion. From television recordings to live performances for the radio and from performances to concerts: VondelCS is the media house of Amsterdam!

Outside the programming, the VondelCS rooms are available for events. Do you want to give a workshop in an environment with a multimedia approach? Would you like to have a drink in a building where practically everything revolves around radio and television? We would like to discuss by telephone how your event can be optimally combined with the cultural mission of VondelCS!

For additional information or a no-obligation quotation, the sales team would be pleased to speak to you by telephone at 020 616 86 60. It is also possible to use the button below to
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