The studios of VondelCS

For events Vondelpark3 makes use of the television studios of VondelCS, the hotspot where it’s all about media, culture and opinion. From Television recordings to live performances and from radio broadcasting to concerts: VondelCS is the media house of Amsterdam!

Outside the programming of AVROTROS, the rooms of VondelCS are available for events. Do you Want to give a workshop in an environment with a multimedia look and feel? Do you want to have a meeting in a building where practically everything is about radio and television? Please contact us so that We can discuss with you by phone how your event can be optimally combined with the
cultural mission VondelCS!

If you have any questions or if you would like to receive a noncommittal proposal, do not hesitate to contact our Sales Team at +31 20 616 86 60. It is also possible to fill out the contact form by pressing the button below.

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